About Us

JUXT.A.POSITION [noun] the act of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.

Founded in 2014, best friends, Lisa Anneveldt and Nadine Haldemann joined creative forces to create Juxt Design studio. It is a practice that thrives on reflecting their clients’ genuine quirks and individual style into each of their projects. Establishing well balanced designs using contrasting materiality sits at the heart of the Juxt design ethos. Their collaborative and holistic approach aims to create warm, sophisticated designs that are timeless and at times, a little fun and eclectic.

Lisa Anneveldt | Creative Director

Lisa has been working in the residential interior design industry since 2012. She became a qualified interior designer in 2013 and has been in a variety of roles since graduating. Lisa found her calling when she became stylist for a well-known property styling company in 2014. Here, she also managed to take the lead on custom joinery projects, assist with new product development/design and styling interior photoshoots. Her passion for curating furniture, art and accessories lead her to take on a larger role in 2016 with a nationally renowned styling company. Since then, she has been project managing the installation of display homes throughout Victoria and South Australia. Lisa is a passionate and hardworking designer who thrives on collaborating with others, and most of all with Nadine.

Nadine Haldemann | Creative Director

Nadine is a qualified interior designer who began working in the Design industry in 2013. She landed a job in one of Melbourne’s leading soft furnishing’s companies, which is where she gained her extensive industry based knowledge on fabrics along with the design of window treatments and bespoke soft furnishings. Her role involved working closely with other designers and architects on their projects as well as assisting clients with their colour palettes and materiality for their own homes. Nadine is an extremely talented designer whose love for colour and layered texture really shows in her work. Her designs will always have a playfulness balanced with the functionality to suit everyday life.